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Education trends are dynamic in nature, as observed from the remarkable and rapid changes in this field, in recent years. The increased use of technologies to support learning has become the major trend in the education field. Recent and upcoming trends in this field include artificial intelligence (AI) learning, augmented reality (AR), the internet of things (IoT), online education, and blockchain technology. The use of these technologies is expected to enhance learning experiences in myriad ways.

  • First, AI learning potentially alters education institutions and tools used to assess a student’s progress in learning processes, such as paper corrections and plagiarism checking, student real-time feedback, and internet-based learning.
  • Second, AR is potentially applied in the learning process to dramatically improve knowledge retention in students for understanding complex concepts in a comparatively lesser time. AR can also take learning to a new level as the students just experience the subject.
  • Third, IoT provides options for teachers and school authorities to better organize daily school activities, easily track the completion of homework, evaluate learning strategies, and alert students about some potential issues in their learning activities.
  • Fourth, online education has become a new trend to deliver learning material with ease than ever before due to the widespread acceptance and influence of electronic devices. Using this platform, in this pandemic COVID-19, teachers can teach students in their houses through virtual meetings.
  • Fifth, blockchain technology is a remarkable technology that potentially provides an option to store digital copies, maintain student record authentication, and manage student credentials and certificate verification.

Likewise, other new educational trends are also expected and anticipated which include ‘reading through a digital library, digital ethics, and ‘privacy, smart campus and spaces’, wireless presentation technologies, shifting from “science, technology, engineering, and mathematics” (STEM) to “science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics” (STEAM), nudge Tech., cost management, integrating learning solutions, personalized learning, formative assessment solutions, and others.

Thus, building strong learning connections with the aforementioned technologies should be perceived as the highest priority in educational institutions. The connection is expected to pave the way for critical thinking which is fundamental to connect context and relevance. In response, the 5th International Conference of Current Issues in Education (ICCIE) 2021 is organized to provide a platform for researchers and practitioners to stimulate a creative exchange of ideas and experiences concerning these education trends. This conference is covering several current issues in education embedding with the current technologies in the education field that we observe in recent years. We cordially welcome submissions and contributions from professors, researchers, students, advocates, policy-makers, and practitioners. We hope that the conference will bring excellent opportunities for participants to connect with global audiences and to enhance further collaborations.


Future of Education: Building Strong Learning Connection

Subthemes :
1. Technology in Education and Research
2. Sustainable and Digital Education
3. Sustainable Development of TVET
4. New Pedagogy: Design, Application, and Evaluation
5. The Future and Challenges of Science Education
6. Digital Workplace and Workforce Preparedness and Competitiveness
7. From Pedagogy, Cybergogy to Heutagogy
8. Research Optimisation for Workforce Competitiveness in the Industrial Era 4.0
9. Preparing for Education 4.0



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